Thursday, 19 June 2014

Boomerang Tom & Jerry Friday Highlights - 20th June 2014

16:00. The Tom & Jerry Show
Spike Gets Skooled/Cat's Ruffled Fur-niture - Spike gets sent to an obedience school, and comes back a mature dog. But when Ginger is preparing the table for dinner, Tom tries to sabotage it to get Spike thrown out again. Then things go mad in the witches' house when Tom & Jerry let loose some magic.

16:30. Tom & Jerry

17:00. Tom & Jerry Tales

17:30. The Tom & Jerry Show
Belly Achin'/Dog Daze - 2 major problems occurs as we see a hungry Tom, and Quacker wanting to take a swim. Then the heat becomes intense in the neighbourhood, and Spike tries to build a swimming pool for his son, Tyke.

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