Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Boomerang Family Favourites Highlights - 12th June 2014

Family Favourites

16:00. The Powerpuff Girls
All Chalked Up/Abra Cadaver - Him tries to get the girls, by bringing Bubbles' chalk drawings to life. Then the zombified corpse of a former magician gets his revenge on Townsville after being humiliated to death.

16:30. Top Cat
The Violin Player - A case of mistaken identity gives Benny the chance to perform in a concert at Carnegie Hall - and his conniving boss is determined to take advantage of the situation.

17:00. The Flintstones
The Split Personality - A bump on the head causes a drastic change in Fred's personality, transforming him into a sophisticated aristocrat.

17:30. Wacky Races
Scout Scatter/Free-Wheeling to Wheeling - The Ant-hill mob disguise themselves as Wood scouts, to escape from the police. Then the next race gives Dick Dastardly an idea when they come across a construction site.

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