Thursday, 12 June 2014

Boomerang Tom & Jerry Friday Highlights - 13th June 2014

Tom & Jerry Friday

16:00. The Tom & Jerry Show
Sleep Disorder/Tom's In-Tent Adventure - Rick and Ginger's new bed arrives, but give strict orders to Tom NOT to touch. But this all changes when they go out, and Butch persuades him to join in and sleep on it. Then, its a camping trip for Tom and Jerry, as narrated like a documentary.

16:30. Tom & Jerry

17:00. Tom & Jerry Tales

17:30. The Tom & Jerry Show
Entering and Breaking/Franken-Kitty - Spike is put in charge to protect the house from burglars, so he trains Tom & Jerry to help him on guard duty. Then Tom tries to get inside a scientist's lab, to get Jerry and his lab rat partner.

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