Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Boomerang Family Favourites Highlights - 26th June 2014

This Week is a 5-hour marathon of The Powerpuff Girls. See Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup save the world before bedtime, and defeat the likes of Mojo Jojo, Fuzzy Lumpkins and Him. Debuting on Boomerang is the UK Premiere of Dance Pantsed, their latest adventure.

16:00. UK Premiere
Dance Pantsed - Mojo Jojo plants a trap on the girls, by using a dancing game.

16:30. Moral Decay/Meet the Beat Alls - After learning about the tooth fairy exchanging loose teeth for dollar coins, Buttercup thinks up a scheme to make money, without losing her own. Then Mojo, Princess, Him and Fuzzy team up after discovering they have a strong method of defeating the girls.

17:00. Just Another Manic Mojo/Mime for a chance - Mojo finds himself having a bad day, as he tries to eliminate the girls whom are looking for their ball. Then a clown suffers an accident, erasing his color and causing him to become an evil mime, and remove all the color in Townsville.

17:30. Best Rainy Day Ever/Just Desserts - With the weather affecting Townsville, no crimes are being involved. This disappoints the girls, as they cannot fight crime. So they reenact their own crime scene, whilst playing different roles. Then Harold Smith reunites with his family, after being released from prison, whom want revenge on the Powerpuffs for driving him crazy in the first place.

18:00. Dance Pantsed

18:30. The Rowdyruff Boys - Mojo cooks a scheme to get rid of the girls, by creating a trio of evil boys, with the same powers as the girls. But they become stronger than out heroes, and the girls don't know how to defeat them.

19:00. The Boys are Back in Town - The Rowdyruff Boys return, thanks to Him, and the girls try to beat them like before. but their original method seems to backfire, and makes the evil trio even bigger and stronger.

19:30. Beat Your Greens/Down n' Dirty - Townsville is invaded and hypnotised by Alien Broccoli, and its up to the girls and the kids of Townsville to save the day. Buttercup refuses to take a bath with her sisters after fighting crime. But the filth and smell grows even worse on her, and she is thrown out of the house and from Townsville.

20:00. Forced Kin - When an alien invasion becomes a problem for the girls, they have no choice but to turn to Mojo Jojo for help.

20:30. Dance Pantsed 

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