Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Boomerang Family Favourites Highlights - 19th June 2014

16:00. The Powerpuff Girls
Criss Cross Crisis - The Professor's experiment backfires, causing everyone to switch bodies, and cause total confusion for the Girls when they try to stop whoever is robbing townsville. 

16:30. Top Cat
The Missing Heir - TC finds an article on a missing millionaire who bares the same description as Benny, including a birthmark on his foot. So the gang take Benny to the mansion to claim the reward, but are unaware of the butler Chutney, who is after the riches.

17:00. The Flintstones
The Monster from the Tar Pits - Fred is hired by a Hollyrock film company, as a stand-in for Gary Granite, in their motion picture.

17:30. Wacky Races
By Rollercoaster to Upsan Downs/The Speedy Arkansas Traveller - The wacky racers find themselves in a amusement theme park, lured by Dick Dastardly. And then, Dastardly gets participated into War Games with the Surplus 6.

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