Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Boomerang Highlights 18/9/13

05:40 ( +1 06:50). The Flintstones - 

Ann Margrock Presents

A new show comes to bedrock, starring Ann Margrock (guest star Ann Margaret). But when her car breaks down, she kindly offers to babysit Pebbles while she takes temporary residence with the Flintstones, who are unaware that she is a celebrity. Meanwhile, Fred and Barney decide to audition for the show.

16:00 ( +1 17:00). The Garfield Show (NEW Special)

Mean Machine

Earth gets invaded from a planet, inhabited by Machines. Guess Who has the saves the day?

18:00 ( +1 19:00). The Looney Tunes Show (NEW) - 

Daffy Duck, Esq.

To impress Tina's father, Daffy makes a lie by pretending that he is a lawyer. But, will know how to handle a real trial?

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