Monday, 16 September 2013

Boomerang Highlights 17/9/13

05:40 ( +1 06:50). The Flintstones - 

Ann Margrock Presents

A new show comes to bedrock, starring Ann Margrock (guest star Ann Margaret). But when her car breaks down, she kindly offers to babysit Pebbles while she takes temporary residence with the Flintstones, who are unaware that she is a celebrity. Meanwhile, Fred and Barney decide to audition for the show.

9:45 ( +1 10:45). Jelly Jamm -

Jammbo's Rhythm

The cast decide to break the 4th wall, by giving the viewers a special dance class.

18:00 ( +1 19:00). The Looney Tunes Show (NEW) - 

Dear John

Lola mistakenly thinks that Bugs is wanting to break-up with her, after reading a note left for the Microwave Repair Man.

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