Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Boomerang Highlights 12/9/13

05:40 ( +1 06:50). Top Cat - 

The Tycoon

A billionaire decides to do a generous deed after watching another famous person on TV. When he finds Benny on the street selling raffle tickets, as part of TC's latest plan, he gives a signed for $1 million to his leader Top Cat. but while TC ignores Benny, thinking the check is only 25 cents, the word soon spreads across to street, including several stores, that TC is now a millionaire. 

9:45 ( +1 10:45). Jelly Jamm -

Super Speed

After reading a superhero comic from The King's collection, Bello and Goomo wish to have powers of their own. They go and ask Mina for her help, and she agrees to train them. But Bello isn't quite happy with the hard work he and Goomo go through.

18:00 ( +1 19:00). The Looney Tunes Show (NEW) - 

A Christmas Carol

When a heatwave causes everyone to be very moody near Christmastime, Lola tries to lift their spirits with her own adaptation of the Charles Dickens classic, A Christmas Carol.

Over on POP!:

14:30. The Yogi Bear Show - 

To Bear is Human/Slim and Bear It/Old Biter

-A Naturist visits Jellystone park, and tries to study Yogi by acting like a bear.

-After hearing a call about an inspection from the chief, Yogi helps Ranger Smith through a diet and workout to keep in shape. Only the inspection isn't for the Ranger.
-To stop Yogi from stealing any more Pic-a-nic Baskets, The Ranger trains a new guard-dog for the park.


Bear Obedience/Come Back, Little Boo Boo/La Bamba Bear

-An Efficiency Expert makes Yogi and Boo Boo more miserable by making some changes to the park

-A sleazy man takes Boo Boo and forces him to perform in the High Wire act in his Carnival, except Boo Boo has a fear of heights. Can Yogi rescue his little buddy?
-A Rock Concert comes to Jellystone park, with its main star, La Bamba Bear. But Yogi is not happy about it.

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