Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Boomerang Highlights 11/9/13

9:45 ( +1 10:45). Jelly Jamm -

Questions, Questions

Mina wants to play with Bello, Rita and Goomo, but doesn't know the rules to their games. But refuses to ask questions if she doesn't know anything.

16:00 ( +1 17:00). The Garfield Show (NEW Special) - 

Lion Queen

A trip to the zoo sees Garfield, Odie, Jon and Liz concerned on how the animals are treated.

Over on POP!:

14:30. The Yogi Bear Show - 

Kahuna Yogi/Grin and Bear It/Board Silly

-Yogi and Boo Boo win a trip to Hawaii on a television game show

-Yogi decides that he'd feel warmer if he spends the winter in Ranger Smith's cabin
-Yogi puts on a disguise so he can enter a skateboarding contest.


Shine on Silver Screen/Buffalo'd Bear/The Yolks on Yogi

-The Park Service is making a film, and asks for Yogi to be in the cast

-A Buffalo Hunter is in the park, and scares everyone as he tries to shoot everything that moves.
-Yogi finds a giant prehistoric egg, and thinks of making an omelette with it.

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