Thursday, 12 September 2013

Boomerang Highlights 13/9/13

05:40 ( +1 06:50). The Flintstones - 

Ventriloquist Barney

Barney learns how to throw his voice and decides to pull some pranks on Fred, by making him think that Pebbles can talk. But after the joke goes too far, he makes it up to Fred by taking him to the wrestling match. But can they get a babysitter at this time?

9:45 ( +1 10:45). Jelly Jamm -

Look At Me

The gang through a talent show for the King and Queen of Jammbo, hosted by Rita. But Bello keeps stealing the spotlight during Mina and Ongo's act, and causes them to miss Goomo's spectacular finale. Feeling guilty, he comes up with a new without him starring in it.

18:00 ( +1 19:00). The Looney Tunes Show (NEW) - 

Its a Handbag

Daffy loses his Handbag at the mall, so while Bugs buys him a new one, he hires a bodyguard for his protection. Meanwhile, Lola sees Bugs buying the handbag, and thinks it will be her anniversary present, so she travels the world to find the perfect gift for Bugs.

Over on POP!:

14:30. The Yogi Bear Show - 

Clucking Crazy/Misguided Missile/Double Trouble

-A Professor in Jellystone Park switches brains between Yogi and a chicken. When a couple of thieves see the chicken talking, they kidnap and try to sell him to a carnival.

-A General from The Pentagon chooses Yogi's cave to launch a missile.
-Yogi is picked to be a stunt driver for a film, but a couple of crooks have hidden some stolen loot in his car. 


Attack of the Ninja Raccoon/Biker Bear/Little Big Foot

-After their goods get stolen, Ranger Smith and Yogi team up to try and stop a thieving martial arts raccoon.

-Cindy's niece causes trouble in the park with her irresponsible motorcycling.
-Big Foot has been spotted in Jellystone Park, and is captured by Yogi. But he then discovers the creature is a mother, and helps her back to her cubs.

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