Saturday, 31 August 2013

Boomerang Highlights - 31/8/13

06:00 ( +1 07:00). The Looney Tunes Show - 
Off-Duty Cop

After meeting his favourite TV Star, Daffy picks up a pair of sunglasses and decides to BE the character, Off Duty Cop, along with Porky as his chauffeur, and stop crimes throughout the district. Bugs learns from his doctor's appointment that he need to drink less coffee, but then becomes addicted to a new drink called Spargle, which is sold by Yosemite Sam

12:00 ( +1 13:00). Mr Bean (Animated Series) - 

In The Wild/Missing Teddy

- After watching a nature documentary, Mr Bean decides to go out into the great outdoors, and take photographs of wild animals. But his attempts at photography always tend to backfire.
- A couple of crooks are stealing children's teddy bears, including Mr Bean's, When Bean finds out their plan of selling them "Bunny Bears", it's up to him to save his companion and capture the crooks. 

Over on POP!:

06:30. The Yogi Bear Show - 

Kahuna Yogi/Grin and Bear It/Board Silly

-Yogi and Boo Boo win a trip to Hawaii on a television game show/ Yogi decides that he'd feel warmer if he spends the winter in Ranger Smith's cabin/ Yogi puts on a disguise so he can enter a skateboarding contest.

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