Saturday, 31 August 2013

Boomerang Highlights - 1/9/13

04:05 ( +1 05:05). The Flintstones - 

High-School Fred

Fred must go back and finish high-school for two weeks, in order to keep his job, but is keeping it a secret from Wilma. Things don't cope as well as he tires himself out from partying at the malt shop, later playing for the school's football team.

10:00 ( +1 11:00). The Garfield Show -

Long Lost Lyman

In this hour long special, Jon explains about an old friend named Lyman, who disappeared to become a wildlife photograph and find the legendary Zabadu, leaving his dog Odie to live with Jon and Garfield. The trio decide to go and find Lyman, and reunite Odie with his original owner, unaware that they are being followed by a hunter who also wants to find the Zabadu.

14:00 ( +1 15:00). Pink Panther & Pals - 

Pink Pink Pink Pink/Spaced Out Ant/Shop-Pink Spree

- Pink's new music making gadget accidentally sucks him up and creates 3 new clones of him: one evil, one insane and one with a huge appetite. Can the REAL Pink Panther stop these clones from causing any trouble? 
- A martian lands on earth, in search of a signal to call for help. When the aardvark stumbles upon him, he mistakes it for an ant and chases after it. The Ant finds the spaceship and tries to use it to pick up bananas.
-The starving Pink Panther goes to do a little shopping, after finding nothing to eat in the house. When he walks in, he wins a shopping spree, for being the store's one millionth customer, only to annoy Big Nose who had his chance to go in before Pink. So, Big Nose tries to sabotage Pink's shopping spree, in revenge for taking what should have been his, and stop him from reaching the checkout before time runs out.

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