Monday, 26 August 2013

Boomerang Highlights - 27/8/13

A selection of picks showing on Boomerang in the UK and Ireland. Also available an hour later on Boomerang +1.

04:05 ( +1 05:05). The Flintstones - 

The Little Stranger

Despite Fred's dislike of Arnold, Wilma agrees to having the paperboy coming over and staying for a while, while his mother is out. But when Fred hears her and mistakenly assumes that she's expecting a baby, he rushes out and caters Wilma until the big day arrives. He even his Mother-in-law to come and stay.

14:00 ( +1 15:00). Pink Panther & Pals - 

Pinkaroni Pizza/Find Your Own Ant/Gold, Silver, Bronze, Pink

- Pink becomes hungry and has a craving for pizza. But when he discovers that his favorite pizza place is shut down, he finds an alternative way of getting pizza: by following a Make-Your-Own Kit.
- While Ant is looking forward to Kiwi season, The Aardvark finds himself in a battle against a hedgehog, who also fancies eating Ant as well.
- Pink, Hoarse and Big Nose are competing for the Olympics. Big Nose tries what he can to win a gold medal: by cheating.

20:00 ( +1 21:00). Mr Bean (Animated Series) - 

Car Trouble/Restaurant

-Mr Bean's car breaks down, so he pushes it down to a garage to be fixed. The repair man tricks him to believe his car is officially at its end, Bean has no choice but to depart from it, and later decides to travel in a hot air balloon. But when he sees his car is perfectly okay, he teaches the con man a lesson.
- As a birthday treat, Mr Bean and Teddy eat at a fancy restaurant, in which a famous celebrity is also dining in. But the night does not go well for either of them, thanks to a rogue lobster and the staff calling quits.

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