Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Autumn Highlights on Boomerang UK

Already announced for September, New episodes of Mr Bean, Inspector Gadget and The Tom & Jerry Show will kick start the Autumn lineup for Boomerang.

Making it's UK Premiere later this year are two new shows:

Wabbit - Bugs Bunny returns in his own new show, capturing the spirit of his original cartoons, as he faces familiar foes like Wile E Coyote and Yosemite Sam, and joins new friends like Squirrel.

Be Cool Scooby Doo - Scooby and the gang are back, solving more mysteries and getting into all sorts of crazy capers.

These new shows have already been announced to debut in other countries, but yet to be confirmed for the UK.

Also in the highlights for the remainder of Autumn are Sonic Boom and George of the Jungle.

Doraemon and The Owl & Co do not appear to be mentioned at all on here. Also, looking back from the 2015 reel, Over the Garden Wall isn't on here, which was already aired a few times on Cartoon Network.


  1. hello just a quick saying be cool scooby doo has a advert on boomerang which i think you should put on hear and i will give u the details but be cool scooby doo will premiere on the 4 octorber but dont know what time thoeo also george of the jungle will premiere their new episodes on 5th octorber

    and here is the link

    just go down untill you see boomerang uk and Cartoonito then underneath that is all of the details you need to know

  2. i am aware of this promo, as i saw it myself. But, i don't put any updates until i get a schedule confirmed.

  3. Today i just saw be cool scooby doo promo on boomerang and yes it is comfirmed it and it is coming on 4th Octorber so can u please put it on here please if you can

    1. i don't have the tools to record any promos off the network. Usually I wait and see if Regular Capital is able to get it.


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