Monday, 20 July 2015

Heavily(?) Edited Looney Tunes being run on Boomerang UK

Since the HD launch of the channel, Boomerang's older programming had been given an upgrade, by airing remastered versions of episodes (despite a few classics being kicked out the same month). How ever there have been a few alterations of one of it's current shows.

Whether this being taken from other broadcast versions, or a decision from the station itself, a lot of Looney Tunes appear to have several cuts.

Most notable edits can be found during any Bugs Bunny or Daffy Duck episode. Scenes involving alcohol, smoking, partial gun shots and certain words have been cut out of their original film. These result in either the scene moving quicker, or completely skipped.
A majority of these shorts from both sides appear to not air often, while many pop up simultaneously like "What makes Daffy Duck". Smoking scenes were already an issue, as Tom & Jerry were forced to be edited out years back.

Since Boomerang is now targeted as a Family network, with shows aimed at a younger audience, it could be the matter of Turner being more family friendly to fit with the mix. (Although on one occasion, I came across a daytime showing of Tom and Jerry short "Dog Trouble" with the ORIGINAL Mammy Two-Shoes audio playing.)

If this is the case, Nostalgic fans who grew up with the original uncut versions (Pre-Rebrand) may be a little upset, and will have to look at the Golden Collection DVDs (No Region B Blu-Rays confirmed) for now.

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