Tuesday, 17 February 2015

New Look - February 2015

As of today (Feb 16th), Boomerang launched it's new graphics to the United Kingdom, as part of the big Global Rebrand. The new brand took place at 6am and following the same CYMV color treatment as Cartoon Network, the look shows a series of cubes, bubbles and ribbons flying through the screen, along with our favourite characters Tom & Jerry, Scooby and the Looney Tunes running about.

These new set of graphics have been developed by Art & Graft, and have uploaded a montage of their work. The Music has been developed by Bluetube, run by Michael Kohler, who have been best known for creating the music for the original launch of Boomerang, along with Cartoon Network's Check It brand and the classic Groovies songs. You can find these tracks at Bluetube.com

Boomerang Global Rebrand from Art&Graft on Vimeo.


  1. CMYV, not CMYK. There's violet in the color scheme, too (hence the "V").

  2. Also, it's Art&Graft, not "Arts and Graft".


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