Monday, 7 October 2013

Tom and Jerry now on Pop - WHAT??

Well, I only just found this out today, which i guess was the premiere date, but the UK channel "POP", is now airing Tom & Jerry.

Again, POP is a kids channel that airs a mix of shows that were from defunct channels, and any new shows that don't get bought in the UK. Turner broadcasting still runs the classic shorts on Boomerang, along with the latest show, Tom & Jerry Tales, and possibly the new upcoming series, The Tom and Jerry Show. CSC Media Group only has the rights to one particular show for Tom & Jerry.

The New Adventures of Tom & Jerry, is the 1980's cartoon show by Filmation, originally titled "The Tom & Jerry Comedy Show". This series consists of two T&J shorts sandwiched with a Droopy Dog short in-between. Also in the series are characters from the MGM cartoons, such as Barney Bear, Spike and the Wolf.

This show never aired on Boomerang, nor did the other T&J show. and i have no idea if CN used to air this show as well, so this is more likely the first time the show has aired in the UK. It seems that Turner isn't bothered anymore with their classics in the UK. They already gave away the Snorks, Smurfs and Yogi Bear to CSC, but POP is still running  a majority of contemporary shows. Maybe this is as close we'll get to see the classics again in the UK, but it is a slight disappointment that Boomerang isn't looking into it.

Anyone who's interested, an hour of The New Adventures of Tom & Jerry is airing everyday at 11:30am.

You can look at the Tom & Jerry page on the POP website. (Note that they've used the logo from the H-B original shorts)

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