Monday, 6 May 2013

Go Go Boomerang Promo

Here's a rarity from Boomerang's past-time. Back in early 2005, Turner bought the rights to the former Fox Kids show Inspector Gadget (during which they were airing Gadget Boy as well, till 2011). At first, Inspector Gadget only aired on late-nights. But then got an extra slot in the daytime. The show managed to air a further series a few months later.

At first, the show didn't have any continuity, but an ident was later made.
And here is the promo from the 2nd season premiere, along with the rare Inspector Gadget head "Go Go, Gadget Phone" animation.

(Embeding was disabled so only a link is available)

The show was off the air for a short period, then returned again until 2009.

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