Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Boomerang Rebrand 2012 - Music

In the last post, i found that the animation team behind the new look was Mainframe. Well, here's another interesting piece of information.

The music for the channel idents was made by Simon Mark Harris, who works for a company called "Off-Set Audio". Off-Set has worked for other well-known clients in the UK, like Cartoonito, Channel 5 and Comedy Central.

Personally, I like how the music fits with these Ident themes, especially the Outer-Space theme.

Below is a video of the "Nexts" bumpers, finally without any sounds from the show or any announcers over it.
and you can find out more about Off-Set Audio at their Official Website.

Boomerang Channel Idents from Offset Audio on Vimeo.

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