Tuesday, 27 November 2012

My Little Pony cancelled on Boomerang

Those who haven't noticed the change, the show page for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has currently changed. The page still has its background image, but there is a section that reads "You are not authorized to access this page." The show has also been removed from the carousel from the top of the website.

The show, however, does come up on the list on the TV Guide page. so, you can still view the TV Guide page for My Little Pony here http://www.boomerangtv.co.uk/shows/my-little-pony/tv-guide
Note: There is an error, which gives the show description for Dexter's Laboratory.

It is said that the show will not return to the network (i also checked it has been removed from Virgin Media's on-demand list), due to Turner no longer owns the rights to the show. So fans will be disappointed to hear that the rest of Season 2 and the 3rd Series may not be coming to the UK. The show's run was only at a 15:00 slot, which is a really bad after-school time for any one watching it. I didn't catch this show as it premiered just after i stopped getting the channel. Meanwhile, the show has recently aired on Boomerang over in Australia and Italy.

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  1. Here in Portugal we have (or had, i need to check harder) this show on Canal Panda. Which also seemed to air other shows from The Hub.


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