Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Boomerang UK November 2012 Weekdays

Many changes this month following after half-term.

1) Mr Bean replaces the Animated Series with the Live-Action Series, which premiered in October. The timeslots stay at 6:30 and 16:00, but gets an additional slot at 19:00.
EDIT: There is No Bean in the mornings. Instead, Tom & Jerry Tales will air at 6:30.

2) Tom & Jerry will be replaced with Tom & Jerry Tales at 17:30 and 20:00. The old shorts will air at 8:00 and 14:30.

3) New Episodes of Scooby Doo: Mystery Incorporated continue airing at 7:30 and 17:00

4) Casper's Scare School also continues its new series at 16:30, but gets its evening slot replaced with Scooby Doo: Mystery Incorporated at 19:30. I surprised the series carried on making new episodes, cause the show was off the air for a long period.

5) My Spy Family gets removed from Boomerang (aired since 2007), and gets replaced by a new show, The Cramp Twins, which will air as a double bill and starts from Saturday 3rd Nov at 23:00 and 1:30.

This has been an ongoing trend for Boomerang being a late-night secondary home for CN's former programming. First they had Gadget Boy, then they gave The Amazing Adrenalini Brothers another chance after its CN premier wasn't permanent, and then shortly Robotboy aired for a few months. Now, They've added Skatoony and Cramp Twins, which already re-runs on Cartoon Network TOO. Wouldn't it make sense to air some Boomerang related shows, or any CN show they no longer air? 

And changes occur, i will update.

Times are listed in GMT format.

6:00 - Pink Panther and Pals
6:30 - Tom & Jerry Tales
7:00 - The Garfield Show
7:30 - Scooby Doo Mystery Incorporated
8:00 - Tom & Jerry
8:30 - The Looney Tunes Show
9:00 - The Land Before Time
9:30 - Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures
10:00 - Chloe's Closet
10:30 - LazyTown
11:00 - Krypto the Superdog
11:30 - Bananas in Pyjamas
12:00 - The Garfield Show
12:30 - The Garfield Show
13:00 - Scooby Doo, Where are You!
13:30 - The Scooby Doo Show
14:00 - Pink Panther and Pals
14:30 - Tom & Jerry
15:00 - What's New Scooby-Doo?
15:30 - The Garfield Show
16:00 - Mr Bean
16:30 - Casper's Scare School
17:00 - Scooby Doo Mystery Incoporated
17:30 - Tom & Jerry Tales
18:00 - The Looney Tunes Show
Wednesday - Boomerang Cinema
18:30 - The Garfield Show
19:00 - Mr Bean
19:30 - Scooby Doo: Mystery Incorporated
20:00 - Tom & Jerry Tales
20:30 - Looney Tunes
21:00 - The Garfield Show
21:30 - The Garfield Show
22:00 - Skatoony
22:30 - Skatoony
23:00 - The Cramp Twins
23:30 - The Cramp Twins
0:00 - The Garfield Show
0:20 - The Garfield Show
0:40 - The Garfield Show
1:00 - The Garfield Show
1:30 - The Cramp Twins
1:50 - The Cramp Twins
2:15 - Skatoony
2:40 - The Garfield Show
3:05 - The Garfield Show
3:25 - The Garfield Show
3:45 - The Garfield Show
4:05 - The Flintstones
4:30 - Scooby's All-Star Laff-a-Lympics
4:55 - Dastardly & Muttley
5:20 - Wacky Races
5:40 - Top Cat


  1. Is that Cartoonito block officially called like that and has bumpers and logo?

    Overnight schedule is so terrible, 3 cartoons repeating and then classics from 4.

    1. well, i'm not sure. most of the shows are from the Cartoonito channel, but i should really ask someone who has the channel.
      They did have a Cartoonito before, with just "Fireman Sam" and their own shows "Go and..." and "Cartoonito Karaoke", which lasted just 90mins, but that went off for a bit until Virgin Media launched the Channel itself.

      as for the schedule, its still a shame they won't air more classics. before the current 4am schedule, all they aired was Dastardly & Muttley and Top Cat around 5am.

      if anything, I find your station better than this.

    2. Pretty much anything is better than this. Boom CEE is quite good now, it could be better of course. I thought you have Boom UK.

    3. i did, until 2011, we decided to switch our TV to a cheaper package, since a lot of channels just aired reruns all the time.

      on the one hand, i approved cause Boomerang just airs Scooby Doo and Tom & Jerry a lot, but after finding out they added a classic schedule, i regret losing Boomerang. especially missing out some newer shows, like Thundercats and the new classics.

      So, all this info i'm getting is from a TV Guide website. As much as i'd like to watch Boomerang again, i find the Kids TV networks just annoying and repetitive.

      How many times does Spongebob air on YOUR Nickelodeon? ¬_¬

  2. I got Nickelodeon a month ago so I'm not that familiar with it's past schedules. Right now, I don't see that much of SpongeBob, maybe 3 or 4 times a day, not that much really. I think it's Nickelodeon Europe.

    1. [PART 1]
      My country got Nickelodeon in 2005. Until 2009 we got Nickelodeon Europe (with portuguese audio), but the source changed to Nickelodeon Spain (also, with portuguese audio). Sometimes, the portuguese ad breaks end early, and we get to see some spanish ads!
      I'm familiar with some of their past schedules. They used to air Peppa Pig (but i don't remember) but i remember watching Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom. They used to air SpongeBob at 12:00; followed by Drake and Josh; and we got the Elephant Princess at 14:00. I believed it replaced Unfabulous. Ricky Sprocket followed at 14:30. It repeated at 21:30. They also used to air Growing Up Creepie and Rocket Power late at night. Nick Jr. didn't have Blue's Clues, but we did get Dora the Explorer, Go Diego Do and Wonder Pets. I can't remember which show aired at 15:00 but the show on that slot was replaced one time by accident by Wonder Pets =P

    2. [PART 2]
      On the 1st of September 2009, Nickelodeon Portugal changed its source feed from Nickelodeon Eastern Europe to Nickelodeon Spain. In the first few days of the new feed, there were many technical difficulties. We got Just Jordan for the first time. Nick was still subtitled (on live-action only) but some shows started their dubs, leaving only a shor or two (ISA TKM; Sueña Conmigo). Now, Nickelodeon Portugal is fully dubbed. The current logo arrived on April 1st 2010, with Nick's previous logo filling in for a few hours until the new logo arrived completely.
      Nick Portugal started full 16:9 broadcasts recently. Now we get a lot of crappy music videos in the commercial breaks :(
      Today we got a spanish ad break by accident.
      Portugal must be one of the fewest countries in the world not to air Bubble Guppies.
      This if for you RNDH1987: i believe you first saw SpongeBob on B92? And reckoning a bit of serbian TV trivia: a few months ago, B92 aired The Flintstones.


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